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Making Grandmasters

We are a new and exciting company of International Masters and Grandmasters ready to inspire you to reach the next level and beyond!

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IM Adam C Taylor

"Making Grandmasters is about matching the right coaches to each student's specific needs working together and improving together! As chess players, we all have different talents but with Making Grandmasters you get the best of all our coaches!"


“Adam is a young, dynamic and ambitious chess coach who has very high standards and expects his students to work hard, give their all and perform to their best. However, he is very flexible and empathetic to work with; he understands that most juniors today need to balance their chess study with doing homework and extra-curricular activities. He is consultative with parents in understanding their aspirations and concerns for their child’s development and progress.

It was evident when we first met Adam at the European Schools Chess Championships in 2018, he has a natural flair for coaching and genuinely cares about his students and their successes. He is the most committed and passionate of coaches Jess has spent time with to date; his lessons are creative, pragmatic and tough-going – he drives her to focus harder on her weaknesses, to think deeper about her game and to believe in herself.”

Allison Mellor Chess parent of Jessica Mellor (U11 Girls) 

European Schools CHAMPION 2018

What we think chess coaching should be

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