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How it works

We will start off with a consultation where we will assess the strengths and weaknesses of the player. After the in-depth and detailed consultation with IM Adam c Taylor, who will help and advise you on how you need to improve you should be ready to start your lessons. Making grandmasters is about using our coaches' specialities to maximise the learning time you have with them. This means you will benefit from being able to change coaches from week to week, whilst keeping in contact with Adam who will monitor your progress and help keep you on track to reach your goals. 


Using our groundbreaking new chess formula designed by some of the best coaches in the world, we will be able to assess your chess level in the most important areas of chess. During the consultation, you will be assessed on the following areas of chess:

 Opening knowledge
 Positional understanding
 Tactical ability
 Defence in endgames 
 Attacking in endgames
 How you manage time pressure 
 How you analyse your games

Using the information we gather together from your scores (out of 100) in each subject, we will then have a very clear idea of how we can get you to the next level. But more importantly WHO we need to get you there!


Lessons will mainly be on skype, as we don't use the coach closest to you; we use the coach who is the best fit for your level and where you need to improve. Face to face coaching where possible will always be preferred. All lessons will have a target and will be overseen by Adam who will offer as much support as is needed.

regular updates

After working with the coaches, we hope for you to have addressed the development areas set out in the consultation. We will offer regular updates to your development program to keep you progressing as fast as possible! 

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